Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Delirious Insomniac FreeForm Radio Show 9/1807 (Deviating Within Format)

For this show, I decided to follow the "format" of WLUW that you're supposed to adhere to if you don't have a specialty show. My specialty show is "Freeform" but it is concise in the sense that I follow certain themes or moods and develop an array of ways to accentuate that. For an inependent radio station (not a college radio station, it just happens to be broadcast out of Loyola university until it gets galloped upon by "Educational programming" in June 2008 at the latest; the hammer can legally fall at any time) to follow the "College Radio Top 30" and play 3 songs from it every hour doesn't exactly blink "INDEPENDENT" as a beacon in the sky
to me. Never-the-less, WLUW does get more local support than any other station, and I'm not necessarily complaining. I had fun creating a set that I thought was subversive and also practical around music that I don't particularly have much of a vested interest in.

I personally can't bare to listen to a 2-hour segment of this format to save my life. This being my second time abiding by it, it wasn't as annoying as my first time. The first time I had no idea how I could consider myself a dj while following this mold. I was more like some kind of contraption out of "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"'s breakfast scene making sure that the same 10 heavy rotation Cds get an adequate amount of attention.

I had an idea of how to put things together in a syncopated way, and use these limitations that I find to be absurd at 2am (I did it on my own free will, but if I wasn't there, you can bet that someone who wasn't aggressive or ambitious enough to have a specialty show would be stuck with it in my place) to be some kind of challenge. In my two hour set I was set with a timeline to play this kind of rotation and read PSA's etc. at specific times. Instead I stretched the format for one hour to an hour and a half, and the second hour to 30 minutes (just short of 3 songs). It catered to the mood for the first hour and a half, then I became more kooky, playing tracks that are .37 seconds long (Fortunately Thurston Moore's latest album is in the Heavy Rotation) and the like.

I will probably never use this format again. Once I was done I was told that some of the parts of the format required "Light Rotation" which was supposed to replace "Local" at some points, even though they are marked with the same green sticker on the spine of the cd case. As it is, I had to tailor my sets to the heavy rotations, which was difficult, because I was lucky enough to like something in the heavy rotations. The light rotation section was what I thought were new "local" cd's, and I thought that I could play old local cds just the same. This is not the case, and as I say, I'm not going to tailor my whole set to some crap that college kids like that I have mostly never cared to remember (Heaven knows I have heard them before involuntarily).

It should also be noted that DJ's are supposed to only play music that is in the WLUW catalog, and officially, our own library, or even what the internet has to offer in a public forum is supposed to be off limits.
If you look at the notes in parentheses for the songs, you'll maybe grasp what I mean. By the way: A "Core" song just means a popular band that is not new, or something to that degree.

LIARS - The Dumb In the RAin (Heavy Rotation*)
Ennio Morricone - CAnzone Lontana from "Il Serpente"(Choice%)
Azita - Track 6 from enantiodrama (Local#)

Kraftwerk - The Hall of Mirrors (CORE song&)

Brent Gutzeit - Track 4 from "Drug Money" (Local, amplified motors placed upon piano strings and electronics)

Angels of Light - Not Here/Not Now (HEAvy Rotation*)
Lee Hazlewood - WOnt you tell your dreams(Choice%)
NICO - It Has Not Taken Long(60's or 70's$)

US Maple - Sweet & Center(Local#)
Death In June - Fall Apart Live Hamburg 1991 (Choice%)

Butthole Surfers - Sweet Loaf (Local#)

MIA - Bird Flu (Heavy Rotation *)
OOIOO - UMO (Choice%)
Crash Worship - Live Video on Youtube (70's or 80's):

*Second "Hour" executed in half an hour minus the last heavy/choice/70's or 80's imperative*

Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus (Core Song&)
Hasil Adkins - Gee But I love you (Choice)
Wesley Willis - Chronic Schizophrenia (Local)

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (HEavy Rotation)
K-the-i???- go go go girls (choice)
Ohmega Watts - Border Patrol (Local)

Thurston Moore - Free Noise among Friends (HEAVY Rotation)
Boyd Rice - Live In Sintra Portugal (choice)

Smegma - Industry (60's and 70's)

Lord of the Yum yum - Bizet Carmen Overture (local)
Residents - Boots (choice)
Mister Fuckhead (referred to as "f-head" on the radio) - trunculence (local)

Detholz! - Mister Electricity (local)
DEVO - Space Girl Blues (Choice)
COCK ESP (are based in Minnesota now, but have numerous members in and from Chicago, hence their "local" status) - Live at Grandma's House

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