Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Delirious Radio Show PlayList 09/11/07

This was a set designed to accompany a severe hangover and upset stomach from poorly prepared burrito. I'm quite happy with it, although I wanted to squeeze in the 22 minute track from the Melvins/Lustmord record.

Swans - A Screw
TV On The RAdio - Ambulance

Kaada/Patton - Seule
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Maximum Black

Josephine Foster - Track 5 from A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Ein Wolf Im Schaspelz)

Strawberry Switchblade - Go Away
Metalux - flexi - Armadillo
Wolf Eyes - Rationed Rot
khanate - Dead

Chrome - Mondo Anthem
Big Black - Dead Billy
Ministry - Faith Collapsing

Clint Mansell - Winter : The Beginning of the End
Pamelia Kurstin - Theremin Orchestra
Clara Rockmore - Chant Du Minestrel

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - I wake up Dreaming
PANICSVILLE - LEt my people A Go Go
Neurosis - To The Wind
Cab Calloway - St. James Infirmary
FAts Waller - Viper's Drag"

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