Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Delirious Radio Show/Two Slaps Radio playlists 10/2/07

Two Slaps Radio -

Eric Lab Rat was sick this morning so I covered Two Slaps, from 12 am to 2. I went back to where I left off last week for anyone who heard. I've been listening to a lot of girl groups since I started at this station, and now this has been accelerated by the fact that I've discovered podcasts at boydrice.com where Boyd has played some absolutely amazing material which I of course, snatched out of the sky and shared with people as well. I'd say about 1/3 of the stuff listed is from what I found on Boyd Rice's Website.

Darlene Love - Strange Love
The Shangri-Las - He Cried
The Ronettes - Walking in the rain
The Poppy Family - Which way you goin' Billy?
Jonna Gault - I'm Never Gonna Cry Again
The Apollas - Mr. Creator
Fatimas - Hoochy Coo
Lesley Gore - You Don't Own me (in french)
Lesley Gore -
The she's - Fool
The Dolls - And That Reminds Me
Shammy and the famous ruis family - I'm just a little girl
Sunday and the penn - You cheated

Priscilla Paris - My Window
Paris Sisters - Dream Lover
Diane Ray - Snow Man
Diane Renay - Navy Blue
Sugar & Spice - Come Go With Me
Die Sweetles - Die Schule Ist Aus
The Royalettes - Come TO me (Darling)

Annette Funicello - Promise Me Anything
The Daisy Chain - ZZotto
Lori Sanders - Out of Your Mind
Little Peggy March - Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love
Sandi Shaw - Puppet On a String
The Pussycats - the Rider
the Love Exchange - Swallow The Sun
Elaine & The shandells - Tell Me that you care
Ina Martell - Liebe kann man nicht erzwingen
Nina Lizell - Ein kleiner Teufel steckt in Dir
Nina Lizell and Lee Hazlewood - Hey Cowboy

Vicky Andros - Scopitone
Lori Burton - Love was
Timi Yuro - Smile
the Velvelettes - Since You've been Loving Me
The Toys - Lover's Concerto (request)
The MArvelettes - Don't Mess With Bill
Irma Thomas - Gone
Lena Horne - Love me or leave me
Sharon Jones And the Dap-Kings - Humble Me
Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer (request)
Nina Simone - Everyone's gone to the moon
April march - Chick Habit
Brigitte Bardot - L'Appareil a sous

Delirious Insomniac-

It has been one hell of a foggy night. When I was on the train, the lights went out and the conductor warned us to be careful as we get off of the train because we may not be able to see in front of us. So I played material that I thought fit the mood. It wasn't as coherent as I wanted it to be - you'll notice that I mix up genres that would've fit together nicely in a set instead of spanned throughout, and it didn't help that there were a number of calls and messages, assisting me in forgetting that my "cavernous" portion, for example, had not entirely reached fruition.

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Joe Meek and his blue men - Valley of No Return
Aphex Twin - i
Screamin' Lord Sutch - Jack The Ripper
The Cramps - Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon
Music from the Groovie Goolies Cartoon - 123

Lustmord - Heresy part II
Ministry - Paisley
Electric Wizard - I, The Witchfinder

Excerpt from ERASERHEAD
Lungfish - this world
Warren Zevon - werewolves of london

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Universal Blackness (request)

Patrick Wolf - The Childcatcher
xiu xiu - Luber
Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk (request)
Ethel Waters - Stormy Weather
Lustmord & Melvins - idolatrous apostate
Coil - Are You Shivering? (Live in Greece)
Link Wray - Rumble

Lustmord & Melvins - Pigs of the Roman Empire
(This is a 22 minute song I played because the dj that comes in after me called at the time she was supposed to be there to tell me that she was going to be late. This isn't to imply that this bothered me. You may have noticed in a previous blog that I wanted to fit this into a different set as well. It is a good piece, and a good excuse to repeat artists).

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