Monday, October 22, 2007

Review of "Phantasmic Seam" by EaViL

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Phantasmic Seam is the second self-released Ep from a band that
has been materializing for a while, but only in existence for a short time:
EaViL. This time around, after their follow up to Le Miroir, their sound is much more
variable and polished; a combination platter of electronic delicacies.

During the 26 minute
excursion that is this recording, there are moments that would be the perfect souvenirs to
take with me, if I were to be banished from the outside world, into a cave, or beneath some subway train tracks, with no memento beyond a recording
and maybe a broken disco ball. At other times there are dense, rhythmic, and also dancable electronics to cushion the sort of unaccelerated, almost nonchalant vocals of E.IV that force me to harken back to early SUICIDE. This was recorded at "the NERV": a cozy shell that is not only their recording space, but also a multi-media venue, said to accompany little more than 5-10 people.

EaViL understands that visual (provided by the other side of the duo, N.VI), audio, performance, or written art should coincide within thematic parameters. It shows in every aspect of their performance and in this recording, among other things. If this EP is any indication, their future should be promising.

This is a review I did about a year ago, intended to be in an issue of The Machine Media, but they never ended up including reviews on their website.

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