Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WZRD Guest DJ Playlist

Here is my playlist. I always like playing at WZRD. They don't have live streaming or archiving becasue it is broadcast from NEIU and the school thinks that the activities of the station are too suspect to allow them to be broadcast intenationally on the internet. It is an entirely freeform station, and it is fittingly located/banished in the basement which is now littered with old yellowed flyers, autographs from no name local bands from the 80's, and dust; not to mention the asbestos I'm sure. It's a great break from the bright fluorescent lights and sterile environment of the WLUW studio, with its self-proclaimed role as the voice of diversity, but with comparitively very strict and often completely arbitrary rules, especially for a station that is completely independent. Anyhow, WZRD has 33 years of history, as well as 33 years worth of records, and if I had the audacity to enroll in school at NEIU just to be entitled to be a regular DJ, I'd definitely enjoy my ass off there.

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