Monday, November 19, 2007

Turn Me On Dead Man

I found this curious tape at WZRD and recorded it for further exploration, despite my lack of interest in Christmas music even if it is satirical. But who knows, maybe I could find a harmonious voice. I have been constantly hearing about some kind of "World's Largest Carol" being organized in Chicago in an attempt to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records. Christmas or its non-Christian equivalent is okay as a holiday, but the advertising and just plain out onslaught of consumerist exploitation annoys the hell out of me, not to mention the fact that people are taking steps to make the image of Santa Claus thinner so that it is not a bad influence on children. Let's just go ahead and say that Jesus wore a plush Nike jumpsuit up there on that crucifix so as not to promote exhibitionism!

There's not a political rant coming on. I'll just say that the manner in which Christmas is presented is annoying just like the way that people wearing their ethnicity or their sexual orientation or fringe group like a chip on their shoulder is annoying. The fact that I am about to start hearing Here Comes Santa Claus (albeit a thinner one) every time I walk into a grocery store, or even step outside, is something I'm not looking forward to, and it has nothing to do with my opinions about religion. I guess I could either say that I'd like to see this holiday season be more privatized, or that my religion (if I had a tangible one) have more advertising space. So I'm gonna play the second side of this tape on the radio a bit in the coming weeks, and I shouldn't be accused of being intolerant to Christmas in doing so; just the events that surround it.

Now for the subject at hand...

Mammoth Records was an independent label that was picked up by Atlantic shortly before this release came out. Disney now owns it and they put out stuff like Squirrel Nut Zippersthrough it. I find it odd that the label was picked up on the free market by Disney for almost 40 times their initial investment after being dropped by Atlantic in 1997. There were some somewhat household names on the roster like Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Machines of Loving Grace, and The Melvins, among others, but it hardly screams "Disney!". Then again, Disney did sign Insane Clown Posse, although scrapping their album 6 hours after release, which is a much farther cry from appropriate for children, or tasteful for that matter, than this recording. And maybe Disney owns some Porno ring that I don't know about too.

Side one is The 12 days of Christmas as performed by the Mammoth Yuletide "Singers": Jill Tomlinson, John Wroten, Chris Sawin, Amy Barefoot, Josh Wittman, Dan Gill, Liz Sloan, Sean Ford, John Roper, Christophe Choquart, Kristen Meyer, Stuart Nichols, Jay Gress, Sean Maxson, Karen Booth, Steve Balcom, Lane Wurster, Juliette Dickey, Jay Faires, Chris Eselgroth, Betsy Wonnell, and Paul Laughter, with piano by Mark Lewis. Below the listing of singers it says This Recording Must Be Played Loud (but use the earplugs), and the other side (ENO EDIS) has the words Turn Me On Dead Man spelled backwards. Side two is just side one, The Twelve Days of Christmas played backwards, and it's strange how quickly one can recognize it. It's still cathcy backwards. Here's a list of more
Satires of the song

plus bonuses:

Tiny Tim - Santa Claus Has Got The Aids This Year

("AIDS" was candy bar at some point in time)

(thanks to Clayton Counts)


Sparks - Thank God It's
Not Christmas

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