Friday, December 28, 2007

Radio Shows from XMas Eve + The Impending New Year's Eve

The independent community Radio Station I Dj at does not archive radio shows on it's website, so I'm compelled to keep some things for posterity at least before Loyola boots WLUW from the premises at any time they see fit to make way for educational programming.

Below are links to download recordings of my guest spot on The Destination Unknown Radio Show as well as Two Slaps Radio from last week (the evening of December 24th). The playlists can be found

Destination Unknown Xmas Eve Part 1

Destination Unknown Xmas Eve Part 2

Two Slaps Xmas Eve Part 1

Two Slaps Xmas Eve Part 2

You can also download the radio shows that I recorded ahead of time for New Year's Eve. I compiled these with Adobe Audition having gone 3 days without sleeping. While it is only 4 hours of content, it took me over 8 hours to produce, downloading/uploading stuff as I saw fit and taking a ridiculous amount of time to render several hours without very much virtual memory. You can hear my cognition progressively decay on these files, with a broken karaoke mic no less. There's also the luxury of me smoking a cigarette on air since I didn't record this at the radio station, so it's not in a public place that I'm smoking, but I guess it is most certainly in a public way. It's a good way to wring in Chicago's new smoking ban, which I am frankly more annoyed about than the CTA's alleged lack of funding or the Iraq war. The playlists are here.

Two Slaps New Year's Eve Part 1

Two Slaps New Year's Eve Part 2

Delirious Insomniac New Year's Eve Part 1

Delirious Insomniac New Year's Eve Part 2

Other than that, I have been drinking Lucid's brand of Absinthe, which is what has been referred to as "Absinthe finally legal after 95 years" schpiel if you haven't heard already, that I have been reading about. It has very little thujon at all, and therefore, lacks the necessary lustre of the real thing. Take heed.

Meanwhile, I have been listening to this Live Recording of Tiny Tim from 1968 all night, and he never dissappoints.

In Other News, rumor has it that Clayton Counts has killed himself. Whether that is the case or not, and hopefully the latter, he has left selections from his double Lp sequel to the controversial Beachles album for us to peck at.


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