Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Download Two Slaps and Delirious Insomniac Radio Shows from 01/08/08

HERE is the link to playlists from 01/08/08 for both of the radio shows I do at WLUW. You will find 4 portions from each show to download there. The Freeform show stands out particularly because I was jabbering and awkward more than I've ever been on air. I don't know what it is, lately the words have been coming out like gillopies. And to add to that, a caller kept simply hitting a single button over and over, as he/she has done before, so I proposed on air that I would give away tickets to a show Eric Lab Rat and DJ Demchuk do every month. Demchuk and I used to cohost it when it was called The Freeform Shuffle, so I had a bit of leverage. One could win by calling me and playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" with the keypad over the phone, to outdo the prank caller. Someone did succeed, and hung up after they were done.

There was a storm last night that caused a lot of damage, derailed a train full of toxic chemicals in town that needed to be evacuated, and knocked out some power. In San Fransisco they had 80mph winds and 100,000 people out of power.

My girlfriend's cat was tearing around my apartment all day, dangerously jumping at invisible things, landing face first into my desk etc, and when I came home, it had taken many of my black socks out of my closet to make them into some kind of circular nest in front of my refrigerator.

As a bonus, a link to this was sent to us without explanation by a listener in an instant message:

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