Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cheap Fibronitrogen and Expensive Biliary Sludge!

Rubber-O-Cement at No Fun Fest

The following statement is untrue:

Rubber O Cement was a spin-off of Bay Area avant-gardists Caroliner (aka Caroliner Rainbow), whose severely warped Americana bore a faint resemblance to the severely warped electronic noise of its offspring. Normally a trio led by enigmatic Caroliner frontman Grux (who founded the group during Caroliner's late-'90s hiatus), Rubber O Cement was most noted for its surreal stage shows, in which the bandmembers used cardboard, foam, and tin foil to dress up as robots and monsters, and cavorted around the stage in front of a large cardboard computer. Set against this backdrop, their equally oddball music relied chiefly on vintage analog synths, low-budget effects, and skronky noise guitar. Rubber O Cement shared Caroliner's penchant for found-object packaging; their debut album, 2002's High Speed Electronic Cardboard, was released in a limited edition by the Toyo label and packaged in an envelope stuffed inside different individual issues of Clive Barker's Hellraiser comic book. The group also cut a split release with Panicsville, and issued several CD-ROM recordings (again in tandem with comic books), among them Thylakoid Hubcaps N' Chloroblast! and Heated Expression of the Crawlycule. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

The pervious statement is false

Rubber 0 Cement are, depending on your definitions, Avant metal, a la Black Dice or Wolf Eyes, the latter of whom they tour with, or Musique Concrete, following in the traditions of 'found noise' artists such as Pierre Schaeffer and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Certainly their music is a sound collage of this ilk, although it is less 'Revolution No.9', more, to quote the name of their record label, 'Brutal Sound Effects' .

Their full sound of electronic feedback, echo and whine puts them in the bracket of Noise or Drone according to some, but the band themselves would have other ways of describing their noise, such as "cheap fibronitrogen, and expensive biliary sludge" - the band seldom mention anything outside of the chemical or synthetic. To further this modernist dystopia they dress as giant mutated robots.

Their only overt instrument onstage, other than a giant computer they claim is made of cardboard, is a seven foot "bass javelin" which is played by an aforementioned robot by being swung round, hitting and scraping anything in its path.

Their love of found noise seems to extend beyond, er, noise. Some of their CDs are released in comic books "to make them attractive to the younger audience", they say. But these are not specially commissioned comics, they are old D.C. comics that they found in a skip.

There is one person on OkCupid, a dating website, who lists Rubber 0 Cement as a favourite band.
Rubber 0 Cement's first full length DVD, "Butyl RNA World, Solid City State, and Ratar Toilet Seat Cover" is out now.


Hear Rubber 0 Cement on This Radio Show Archive from 06.11.07

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