Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Music From The Silent Films

Art Phag

From their myspace page

Spewing forth from an industrial swamp south of Detroit in the mid-1980s, Art Phag cut a raw-boned, stripped down, gut poundin’, dead raisin’, hot damn I’m on fire and I’m takin’ you fuckers with me to hell path of destruction through the Motor City music scene for nearly a decade before flamin’ out like Russian space junk fallin’ from heaven on a starry starry night.

Co-founded by Detroit’s legendary surf-rock-a-billy guitar lord and mad scientist, Len Puch and heavily medicated, sometimes lucid, mostly liquored, crazed songwriter, Vegas Razz, Art Phag combined a heavy, swampy, bluesy wall of thick thick mud with a bazooka directness. Heavily influenced by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Cramps and a steady dose of voodoo beats from the other side, Art Phag blasted a sonic grunginess long before kids were rippin’ their jeans in Seattle AND doing it all with only a greased up guitar, jungle pounding drums and other-worldly vocals. At their highpoint, Art Phag tour with the likes of the Jesus & Mary Chain, The Membranes and My Bloody Valentine.

Art Phag's star slowly fizzled out in the mid 90s as prison, psycho wards and religious rituals began to take their toll on it’s founding members.

Art Phag - Golf

Click here to read Len Puch's musical history. He now goes under "Len Von Speedcult", and makes metal sculptures among other things (as seen above), like a backyard roller coaster called "The Roaster Coaster" with accomodations for Go-Go Dancers.

Art Phag - 4 Basic Vejabo Groups

Thursday, March 13, 2008