Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I received LIMB in the mail today, and immediately dropped what I was doing to go through it. It's a collection of Foetus' early minimal works and it comes with a documentary DVD. Therein, Richard Kern says he suspected Thirlwell was on acid all the time, although he couldn't be sure partly for being on heroin most of the time. The documentary is enjoyable. For me it has been a long wait. It seemed to suffer from some minor symptoms of a low budget, but all in all, it was an inspiring and effective portrayal of one of my longest standing favorites.

The CD contains a few rehashes that many Foetus fans will already have, albeit different, early versions. However, the whole CD brings to light the techniques that Thirlwell used before sampling or midi technology, and illuminates the manic, isolated, reckless abandon I found to be punctuated later on in his first major releases. But this is the first time we can really thoroughly catch this guy in a strictly experimental atmosphere, previous to the focus that went into lyrics and vocal phrasing, and seemingly more introspective than the collaborations within Steroid Maximus or Nurse with Wound. Every track has this multilayered sort of well-produced lo-fi visage which suggests that each second of it is hopping with meticulous, meddlesome, alchemical glory. To me the highlight is an "Extra Limb" mp3 bonus called "YOU HAVE TO OBEY". It is a 20 minute long cavalcade of a single Vincent Price sample; layered, pitch bent, and phased into a mesmerizing, undulating food chopper of sound. It's the kind of eloquent repitition that I really enjoy, and this might be some very strong evidence against any argument Thirlwell may have about whether or not he did acid all the time in those days.

Then again, I'm on my 3rd listening of that piece as the sun is now beginning to bleed through the shades, and this is irrespective of the fact I haven't scored that stuff for some time now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009